The customer support service of Pocket Option works 24/7 to give you, the customer the best support they can. Only sometimes, but queries do pop up, and for that, you need quality support to help resolve the issue.

Our global presence

At Pocket Option, we pride ourselves on the presence we have globally. As a top trading platform not only in Philippines but in South Africa as well, we keep our presence concise, visible, and practical.

Our support team

From customer support to technical support, our teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure users get the best possible service.


Our customer support team can contact you anytime you have a query related to your Pocket Option account. We have a support email, and we help with a fast cryptocurrency exchange. Pocket Option is fully licensed to buy and sell cryptocurrency to its customers.

Support team working hours

Our support team works seven days a week to ensure smooth sailing on our part and yours. This makes it possible for our customers to trade every day of the week and on weekends. 

Filipino office 

We have options to lead regional offices in your area, such as our office in Philippines. Pocket Option trading in Philippines is completely legal and therefore, has no ban against the trading of cryptocurrency.