Not only is Pocket Option available on mobile, but also, on your desktop/laptop and Mac devices. Some users install the app on multiple devices (PC and mobile), always keeping them in control of their accounts and trading. 

Pocket option download for windows 10: method 1

The pocket option download for windows 10, has never been easier, “How do I install the Pocket Option app on my desktop?” – According to method 1, it’s simple; after a few steps, you’ll be well on your way to trading.

Pocket option download for windows 10: method 2

Alternatively, you can use method 2 to download the Pocket Option app, which is directly downloading the “exe” file from their website and installing it to your desktop/laptop by following the prompts given.


Whether you’re trading from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, by downloading pocket option for windows 10, you can be in charge of your trading account all the time. And also be able to trade, withdraw or deposit from anywhere and everywhere.