Pocket Option is a well-known broker for binary options and Forex. Traders gain access to hundreds of different assets using a variety of tools. The site also provides you with the opportunity to invest in different types of markets. One of the investment elements is Pocket Option copy trading.

This brand was launched in 2017 and has increased the popularity of binary options trading. It is also regulated by the IFMRRC, which confirms its legal status. The high risk in this form of trading is what sometimes gives it a bad reputation. But with the right brokers, this aspect of risk can be brought under control.

Currently, Pocket Option is one of the best binary options brokers in the Philippines. The company provides favorable working conditions for all users, whether you are a professional or a beginner. The company offers a large number of assets for trading and various payment methods to provide international investors and traders with the most favorable conditions for working.

Pocket Option has different account types, assets and special features on its platform to help traders achieve versatility and maximum profitability.
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How to Copy a Trader in Pocket Option?

CopyTrading is a subcategory of the broader social trading (what is social trade will be discussed below), although these terms are often confused or used as if they have the same meaning.

Many companies offer social trading, although they can vary greatly in the types of services they offer. At the moment, Pocket Option copy trading is one of the most advanced and interesting programs in this segment.

In fact, Copy Trading is a relatively new phenomenon. Before that, only mirror trading was available. Using mirror trading, trading is carried out according to pre-created strategies formulated using algorithms.

CopyTrading is similar in many ways and uses the same basics. The difference with copy trading Pocket Option is that instead of just copying a predetermined trading strategy, you can choose the best traders to follow and copy. Thus, it is much more flexible and user-friendly.

Copy trading Pocket Option essentially gives you much more control over your trading decisions.

What is social trade? Social trading is sort of a hybrid form of CopyTrading. This usually allows you to copy trades with the addition of the fact that the broker has the ability to interact with other traders. It allows you to share ideas, signals and even discuss how to copy forex signals and other points.

First of all, it is important to know that copy trading Pocket Option only works on a live account. This feature cannot be used on a demo account.

Traders search

Pocket Option copy trading is a platform for tracking and copying trades of traders from all over the world. Copy trading in the Philippines is also available. The investor can select one or more signal providers from the top traders ranking and add them to the watchlist. A trader for copying can be selected based on the top trades on the platform, on any one asset, or on the basis of profitability among all trades on the platform.

All clients of the broker can copy transactions, regardless of the type of account opened. Under the condition of profitable trading, any trader can get into the rating of the best and further broadcast their own trading signals to interested investors.

Large investors who are going to invest more than $10,000 should contact the support service on the company's website. Professional consultants will help you understand all the intricacies and guide you through all the steps from registration to withdrawal of profit from investments.

Unlike competitors, copy trading Pocket Option has more functionality. For example, it allows you to track:

In addition, by observing the transactions of a successful trader, you can learn from his experience and learn how to trade. This should be of interest to novice traders, as well as experienced traders who can provide their own signals.

Trader search is implemented in a very simple and convenient way. Users can easily find the most profitable and interesting offers of traders to copy profitable trades.

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List of copied traders

The idea of ​​copying trades of successful traders is not new at all, but in most cases we are talking about ordinary trading in the forex market. Within the framework of binary options, this system is not common and the Pocket Option broker is one of the first companies to offer such a service. The scheme of work is as follows:

The second point involves the choice of traders for copying transactions. If you want to try copy trading in Philippines, you can study in detail the "List of copied traders" on the official website of the company. If the list is empty, you can click the "View Top Traders" button and start copying the trader of interest.

The selected list provides detailed information about the quality of trading signals provided by traders. All these indicators allow you to conduct a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the trader and choose the most appropriate option for copying.

Social trading setting

The most important advantage of copy trading in the Philippines is the extensive customization options.

For example, a trader has a deposit of only $100, while a signal provider trades with $1,000. If you just completely copy his trades, then the risks will be 10 times higher.

Pocket Option has provided for this and allows you to set up a relationship between the amounts of the provider and the trader. We simply set the difference in the volume of transactions by 10 times, from now on the results will be the same as a percentage of the deposit, but at the same time they will differ in amounts.

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There are other handy features that allow you to set up copy trading. For example, the presence of the "Stop balance" function allows you to set the level of funds in the account at which copying will be terminated.

The investor can also specify the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction to copy in order to diversify possible risks.

Also among the advantages of social trading with Pocket Option are:

Pocket Option copy trading attracts not only beginners who will copy trades. Many experienced traders become signal providers and earn additional income from this. Thus, it is convenient to work in Pocket Option for traders with any level of training - from beginners to real pros.


Copy trading Pocket Option is still quite a young tool on the market, requiring the user to evaluate other people's strategies. Its capabilities are not limited to simple copying, but allow traders to communicate, grow in a professional environment and follow the market leaders. Such services are still rare, but Pocket Option has already managed to implement it. Moreover, they implemented it on a professional level and provided not some kind of raw and unfinished product, but a fully completed working product, which gained great popularity in the market.

Social trading in Pocket Option is an example of a growing and popular tool that can be useful in binary options trading not only for beginners, but also for traders who already have certain knowledge and experience. This is a unique product that is of interest to everyone and can be used to the benefit of all traders. This is a product that helps to obtain mutual benefit for all participants in the financial market.

Therefore, copy trading in the Philippines is a very interesting product that all people interested in the financial market should definitely pay attention to. You can test this feature right now! At the same time, the company also provides all users with free demo accounts that can be used almost instantly, without registration and verification.

Summing up, we can say that copy trading is a really interesting product that has the right to life and will be useful to traders and investors.

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